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What to Use for Dry Skin

Every girl wants to be perfect, but when we look in Hollywood Illuminated Makeup Mirror, the professional LED lighting can help us to see our skin problems clearly, such as dry skin.

Throughout the year, the wind always brutally removes the moisture from the skin, and the skin begins to appear tight and rough. Especially ladies with dry skin, this is what the skin is telling you, I am very dehydrated. So, hurry up and learn a few tricks to replenish water!

Moisturizing solution should be used to replenish moisture for dry skin in autumn and winter, because the characteristic of dry skin is that the pH is easily destroyed, and the moisturizing solution can play a role in repairing the skin's PH value and make the skin balance. At the same time, in addition to rehydration, it is necessary to match products that can supplement the skin's comprehensive energy, to supplement the skin with nutrients, enhance the skin's resistance, and make it moisturize and not dry.

The steps for dry skin care:

Cleansing. For dry skin, wash your face with a mild cleansing product. Avoid using cleansing soaps, foams, and mousses. It is best to use a mild cleansing lotion for face cleansing, and it is suitable to bathe in soft cold water or room temperature water. Steaming the face or applying facial heat in the bath is also a good method.

Toning. After cleansing, use a lotion with powerful hydration function to immediately replenish the skin's moisture and make the skin hydrated.

Exfoliate. The metabolism of dry skin is relatively slow, choose to exfoliate once every two or three weeks. The product should also be washed as far as possible, not irritating, and avoid the use of large particles of frosted products. So as not to irritate the skin excessively, it will lead to more sensitive skin.

Lock water. Pay attention to replenishing skin with appropriate oils, and use creams that are rich in texture and nutritious. When you suddenly come into contact with the dry and cold air from the outside, apply some oily skin cream or foundation cream before going out to build a protective film for the skin.

Mask for hydration. The hydrating mask can be done twice a week, and the mask should be nutritious and moist to achieve the effects of moisturizing, reducing wrinkles and preventing relaxation.

Daytime protection. Sunlight is still the skin's biggest enemy. In fact, the lethality of autumn and winter sunlight will not be weaker than that of summer! Therefore, you must wear sunscreen-type day cream when going out to organize the damage to ultraviolet rays on the skin.

Dry skin care rules:

Cleaning job. Be sure to choose a gentle, anti-allergy cleansing product containing mild surfactants (concentrated protein fatty acids, punchline, plant essential oils), because of its high content of lipids and moisturizing factors. In general, soaps or cleansers can dry the skin and cause premature wrinkles. If your skin is particularly dry, you can wash your face with warm water only in the evening with a makeup remover lotion and a soft anti-sensitive cleansing milk. In the morning, you can use only warm water without any cleanser.

Daily maintenance of dry skin. During the day, special attention is paid to the repair and strengthening of the water lipid film on the skin surface. It is very important to choose a day cream with sufficient ingredients, good quality, added moisturizing ingredients and strong protection. When applying the moisturizing product, let it slowly penetrate into the skin, and gently massage in a circular motion with your middle finger, taking care not to rub the skin vigorously.

Eyes at night is the focus of night maintenance. When choosing eye care products, try to nourish and moisturize. Use a moisturizing and nourishing night cream on the face.

Special points for caring for dry skin:

Get up in the morning with a glass of water. After getting up in the morning, be sure to drink a glass of water first. This will promote blood circulation and prevent blood stickiness. If you are very tired, you can take a hot bath to replenish your energy, but it should not take too long.

Extra massage treatments. When you find that your complexion is dull, immediately use a massage cream for massage treatment. Afterwards, you can feel that the skin has returned to its proper transparency, and make up and modify the wet skin, the effect is naturally obvious. You can also use a moisturizing cream in the form of a mouth, apply it on the skin by massage, or massage the skin with a lotion, and then clean it with a cleansing cotton, the skin will immediately appear crystal clear.


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