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How To Get The "Best Dressed" Title At An Event


Getting ready for events can be a huge task. For us ladies, trying to look the best can actually be an intense process. From finding the perfect dress to our skin and hair everything needs to look absolutely flawless. Receiving the best-dressed title is actually an honor for any woman out there and we do spend hours to get it too. Here are some ways that can help you in achieving the best-dressed look of the night at an event.

Stunning Dress

Firstly and foremostly the most important step in order to be the best-dressed personality out there is to find an outstanding dress. This is a real struggle because you want to look for something that is not only fabulous but also looks the seamless fit for you. Make sure you go for an outfit that is flattering on you and enhances your features rather than making you look frumpy. With realization clothing, you now can have an array of meticulously crafted outfits that are suitable for any event or occasion. From long gowns to stunning cocktail dresses, with them, you can find the missing piece to your dress-up puzzle without any worry. Pick something that goes with your style and vibe most subtly. You should be comfortable enough in it to flaunt it successfully. An alluring dress that is bound to turn heads can definitely bring you closer to being the “best dressed” at an event.

Prep Skin

The secret to looking glorious is having impeccable skin. Your skin plays a huge factor in making sure that you look your best. Before any event be certain that you hydrate your skin enough and prep it in the proper way to make it ready for the big day. Exfoliate your face and body the night before the event to ensure that your skin is gleaming the day of the event. Keep it cleansed and moisturized before you go to bed. Make sure that you do not over scrub your face raw as it can leave some red patches and even scratches on your skin. Be gentle with your skin and handle it with care as it is very fragile. Make sure you ice your face before putting anything on it as it can help in shrinking your pores that can further make our makeup application process smooth.

Stay Well Rested

No one can stress enough upon this fact if you ask me. We do not realize how much of your sleeping habits can affect us and our appearance. Not getting enough rest at night is a huge concern for many people out there. What it does to us is that it makes us much more tired and weary. Not sleeping enough can cause deep dark circles under your eyes along with some puffy bags. Trust me that it is not easy to hide them and it can take eons of your time in attempting to conceal those. Before any event, the key to looking the best out of all is to be completely well-rested in every way. Make sure you turn it in on time the night before so that you get the required amounts of sleep. When you sleep your body and skin heals itself so this is a very important step. Sleeping can actually contribute about 20 to 30 percent on how great you look and your skin will be thankful to you as well as your entire body.

Matching Accessories

Nothing can make you stand out from the crowd like a rightly accessorized outfit. When you are targeting the best-dressed title every little detail needs extra care and attention. The same goes for the way you accessorize your look. From your earrings to your necklace and rings everything should be spot on. Choose your jewelry accordingly and what looks best with your dress. See whether studs or dangly earrings complement your dress more. Always remember less is more. Sometimes ladies tend to go a little overboard with their accessories and tend to put on everything. Rather than doing that make sure whatever you are wearing together actually works for your look. You should look elegant and spectacular. Also, pick out the best clutch to go along with your look because every girl needs to carry a few things around every time.

Lovely Hair and Makeup

Your hair and makeup can actually break or make your look. Not even an expensive dress can save you if you do not have the right hairstyle and makeup look that goes along with it. Try to go for a look that goes with the vibe of your dress. If you have a very modern dress then do not try to go for a hairstyle and makeup look that is old school. Everything needs to gel together so make sure whatever hairstyle you choose actually reflects the essence of you in that dress. Same goes with makeup if you have a very intricate dress then try to go subtle on your makeup. Being best dressed does not have to mean that you have to go over the top in all aspects. Keep it sophisticated and classic and trust me you will shine bright at the event.

Be Confident

The best fixture that a girl can wear is her confidence. Girls that are confident and comfortable in their own skin are the real stars. Always have faith and confidence in yourself and trust me nothing can pull you back. Even if you are wearing a less expensive dress, with the right kind of attitude and confidence you can surpass any other person in the room. At any event be confident and poised and it will resonate with the fact that you are the best-dressed person and you know it. Wear your smile and confidence well!

Being the best-dressed person at any event can be an instant boost for anyone out there. Whether you are a male or female, looking nice and feeling confident is always a bonus. Always have faith in yourself and follow these steps to make sure that you are one of the best versions out their no matter what.



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