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What is in Fashion for Plus Size Women?


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This is indeed true but it now only works when admiration is at play. This is indeed true with women who like being admired and being told how beautiful they are. They also like to stand out and be unique. But beauty is not only about looking good but about how you carry yourself and the way you wear your dress according to your body. We all secretly check our weight at least once a month and decide how we would want to look like. This takes us to the bitter factor of size.

While all sizes are beautiful, stereotyping and body-shaming is also a reality. That said, calling someone names is not only insensitive but can also hurt their sentiments. If a woman is plus size, it does not necessarily mean that they are in the process of achieving the ‘perfect weight’. Such a person might be happy with the way they are and accept themselves fully and happily. The world has been progressing towards more and more diversity, but the practice of shaming plus-size women still exists. This brings some of the other challenges for them.

Many outlets offer plus size swimwear to suit all women, but there are always challenges for plus-sized women to find the right product. What will suit you and look best on you is indeed difficult decision-making. After all, fashion is all about trying and experimenting. 

If you want to know what is in fashion for you as a plus size women and what will look good on you, then you have come to the right spot. Here are some of the ideas which you can use to look fashionable, classy and smart.

Hats: Hats have always been in fashion. They can never go out of style. And they will look really good on you. Finding the right size can be a little problem but measuring the circumference of your head is a good idea to find the right size of the hat. Hats can look classy when worn to an event, party or even on a random day.

Pants: Pants always give a good feeling when worn with the right size. Formal or informal, they work like a charm everywhere. Wearing cargo pants is also a great idea as they come in attractive colors and work beautifully when paired with a plain white shirt. So invest in a cargo pant; they are trending and will look good too.

Off-shoulder: Off shoulder tops are a perfect outfit for a lunch event or a night out. Off-shoulder goes with all types of pants. Striped, checked and other kinds of a pattern can suit you. Wearing pastels or bright colors to enhance the look of these is also a good idea. Off-shoulder tops are evergreen because they always look good and attractive. You can always pull that look with the off-shoulder tops.

Culottes: Wide pants or culottes are very comfortable yet they look trendy. They will never show your curves unless you want to flatter them. They are made of such soft stuff that you feel so relaxed all the time when you are wearing them. These come in so much variety and designs that they are intriguing.

Dresses: Go for long dresses that are not too tight or will not become too loose as both extreme dress sizes will not make you look slim. Wear bright colors and attractive prints as these always often work. A well-toned dress suits you not just in terms of comfort, but also make you feel good about yourself.

Denim: Denim jackets are so trendy these days. They are chic and a perfect choice for a night out. They look good on everyone, probably because they are made of denim. Buy a denim jacket and rock on with your look because it is that good.

Monochrome: Monochrome has always been a complicated piece of fashion. Tall girls should not wear monochrome. Still, wearing the same color pants and blazer is in fashion. With this one, you will not have to do the hard work of finding a perfect pair for your blazer or top; you can wear them individually.

Snakeskin: Snakeskin clothes are everywhere and every designer at least has one piece of snakeskin dress. They are trending his year. So grab a snakeskin skirt, pants or even a shirt and pull that look that you want.

Skirts: People believe that skirts are not for plus size women, but they are wrong. Skirts look good on plus size women. Though not the fitted ones, but the regular skirts. So wear a skirt with a cool top and you are ready to hit the party.

Jumpsuits: Jumpsuits were once only for women who were tall and skinny. But these can be worn by everyone including yourself. A one-piece dress is always a great idea because it is comfortable and easy to carry. Wear a jumpsuit, though make sure you choose the right size for yourself. Baggy clothes can make you look bigger.

Stripped prints: Wearing dark colors and vertically striped shirts will make you look sexy and smart. Women with chubby figures can hide a few pounds with such printed dresses, especially the long ones.


You can always experiment with the clothes you like, and in the process understand what suits you. Everything will look good on you if you know how to carry yourself. Your dress boosts your confidence and increases motivation, so style yourself the way you like because you know yourself better than anybody. Though most outlets do not have all sizes, there’s always an option to make a certain dress fit your size. Play with colors; wearing dark shades with long can cuts make you look elegant and smart. If you do not immediately find your size, do not get disheartened; there will be a perfect fit for you soon. Dress well, stay well. Happy shopping!



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