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What Not To Wear With a Body Suit?


What is more appealing than a flexible, support offering, and one-piece wonder that provides you with loads of styling options? Yes, we are talking about bodysuits here. Whether your goal is to appear sassy or to achieve a professional style, the right choice of bodysuit will be at your service. The only important thing to figure out, before playing with your options is to know how to wear one.

The bodysuit is one of the lingerie pieces that we all dream of wearing one day. However, many questions very often get in our way: is it comfortable? Am I not going to be provocative? To reassure you and guide you, we offer you multiple tips for finding the right body for your figure and understanding when to adopt it. We also tell you what not to wear with a bodysuit – it’s a common mistake many of us make.

What On Earth Is A Bodysuit and Why Would I Wear One?

If you are familiar with one-piece bathing suits, then you know how wearing one-piece garments is better than a two-piece. Bodysuits are the same, and they come in different styles with a variety of designs. From skintight to blousy, they offer you all the possible styling options that you can think. Just like your normal shirts, bodysuits work with any bottoms, be it a skirt.

It provides a layer to create a smooth silhouette covering your hips and torso, helping you to achieve a more toned and defined body. Bodysuits work with any outfit by sucking you in and lifting you!


Like any piece of lingerie, you must choose your bodysuit first and foremost, according to your body type. Your preferences for materials and colors will come in the second phase. We suggest that you discover which type of lingerie to adapt according to your body type. These precious tips will, therefore, prove to be essential in choosing your bodysuit!

But How Do I Wear A Bodysuit?

You do not have to worry about specifics as bodysuits are wearable with all kinds of skirts, jeans, shorts, and pants. The variety of designs in bodysuits makes it easier for you to pull off, both casual and professional outfits.

When you are dressing casually, you want to keep it simple and comfortable, more of a grab-and-go outfit. Here is where tank top bodysuits come to your rescue. With fun and creative designs such as laced up back or sleeves or just an open-back, these bodysuits can pair up with various bottoms including distressed jeans, denim shorts, or jogger pants. You can complement your look with a denim jacket and sneakers and voila!

Styling a professional outfit requires a little more attention as you want to present yourself as a picture-perfect. Hence, you tend to go for more put together outfits. Wearing bodysuits can help you create that sleek look. Their perfect fitting provides a flawless layer under jackets and blazers. It all depends on the design, and of course, on your preferences. Bodysuits with sexy and fancy back designs can make you look elegant under blazers during office hours. But once the office ends, you can flaunt your look at parties or date nights.

Opting for a bodysuit can be a wise choice for any look. Fancy details, strategic coverage, on-the-shoulder, off-shoulder, and many other design options let you create a cool outfit.

An added benefit of wearing a bodysuit is that it can also function as lingerie. It creates a sexy and appealing base layer under baggy sweaters and low-cut tops. If you are going for a bolder look, these bodysuits work best on their own too.

What Am I Not Supposed To Wear With It?

No matter how many benefits an outfit can offer, some practical issues come with it. If we talk about bodysuits, there are a few important things to keep in mind while wearing one. Many women still have some concerns regarding bodysuits and what not to wear with them. Let’s discuss some of the most asked questions:

Do You Wear Underwear With A Bodysuit?

The primary function of a bodysuit is to give a flawless and smooth layer over your body and under your outfit. There is still a debate on whether the bottom half of a bodysuit should be a thing or not. And if it is more uncomfortable to wear a thong attached with a shirt.

According to Jene, the main purpose of the bodysuit is to give that seamless and no-line fitting. As long as bodysuits have a liner for those lady bits of yours, you are good to go. It helps to create a breathable environment for intimate parts of your body that is especially essential for your vaginal health.

But if your bodysuit does not have a cotton liner to protect your intimate parts from moisture and is made up of moisture-wicking fabric, then wearing underwear can help you stay safe from yeast infections.

Do You Wear A Bra Underneath A Body Suit?

Falling in love with a pretty lace bodysuit that is not lined can concerning a bit. If you wear a bra underneath, it will steal that delicate look. It is hard to decide whether wearing a bra is the right choice or not. So to achieve coverage for your nipples, you can use pasties or covers (nipple covers) that are made of silicone that is washable after their use.

Whether or not you want to wear a bra is totally up to you. It is your confidence that makes you look attractive. If you are happy with not wearing a bra, you are free to enjoy your day going bra-less.

However, for bodysuits that provide more coverage, you can wear a bra underneath if you like it that way. It all depends on how you like your appearance. 

Bodysuits tend to be lightweight and versatile. They can support all body types and can be worn in all seasons.


Wearing a bodysuit is preferred by most of the women. As achieving that ‘ tucked in’ top look with absolutely zero percent chances of it getting untucked is the main goal. It is approved for both fashion and practical reasons. Because let’s be honest, no one likes the material of blouse shifting here and there, creating bumps and ruining that sleek and smooth look.

Wearing a one-piece garment can be better to deal with as the smooth fitting can enhance your outfit’s beauty. You do not have to worry about bumps or lines that might appear from wearing a bra and panty underneath. A bodysuit will give your body a perfect and flawless appearance and can be worn with any bottom.

Now that you know all about bodysuits and what to avoid when wearing one go ahead and start rocking your amazing new style with one of these beauties! Wear it and this time, wear it right!



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