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Which Sub-Category of Wholesale Clothing is Best For My Retail?


You have decided to start your own online wholesale business and think wholesale clothing is a good product to sell online. Wholesale clothing is certainly a good product line. Everyone needs clothing and everyone believes wholesale prices are best. However, for a start-up business it might be just a bit too broad a product category.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each of the well known sub-categories. Let's see what needs to be thought about as you figure out what the most promising niche category of wholesale clothing might be for you. Typically there are three sub-categories of clothing to be concerned with; menswear, ladies fashion, and children's clothing. There are advantages and disadvantages to each from a product marketing standpoint.

Men have traditionally not been that concerned with the style of their clothes. They generally stick to the black, blue and brown colors. They worry about two types of outfits; business and casual. This approach has changed a little recently. Some companies have relaxed their suit and tie requirements in favor of a style known as business casual. This has certainly expanded the range of clothing required but men usually are not that keen on shopping for clothes. The online method of buying clothes may prove to be convenient for these buyers. You would need to evaluate this sub-category along these lines.

Ladies fashion wear seems to answer all the drawbacks presented by the menswear product line. However, there are many different issues you must be on the lookout for. For instance, ladies generally want always be wearing the latest fashions. They also are quite particular about the right clothes for the right purpose. This can present issues related to the graphics of your website or online catalog. It also would require frequent updates to your website to ensure things are appropriately up to date.

Children's clothing includes the positives of both menswear and ladies fashion without all the negatives. Children are always growing and need new clothes that fit. They are also not worried about the style of the clothing that much. Moms have no worries about buying in bulk.

Each of these three wholesale clothing sub-categories are fine products for e-commerce. Many good sites have already been developed for each niche. All things being equal; the children's clothing sub-category would seem to be an ideal niche for the aspiring online entrepreneur. However, these considerations must be taken in context with all the other business development issues you will be dealing with.

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